What You Need to Know About Mattress Foundations

The right foundation makes all the difference for your mattress. And while there are not as many options for a foundation as there are for a mattress, it’s still good to know the differences in mattress foundations before starting your mattress shopping.

But first, why is a mattress foundation so important?

The proper mattress foundation helps prolong the life of your mattress by protecting the structural integrity of the mattress. If your mattress is sitting on a foundation that is not made of the proper materials to match your mattress, it could break down faster and therefore need to be replaced sooner.

Types of mattress foundations

As mattresses have evolved, so have the types of foundations. Traditional foundations, also know as box springs, are made with metal springs that move along with the innersprings of a mattress. Box springs provide a softer feel for firmer mattresses.

However, not all mattresses that have innersprings should use a box spring. Softer mattresses should use a firmer foundation to prevent quicker breakdown of the mattress, or premature sagging. How do you know if your mattress needs a box spring or a firmer foundation? Your mattress manufacturer should provide recommendations for the best foundation for the mattress’ material. Our Sleep Experts will also tell you which foundation is best for the mattress you choose for your sleep needs.

Foam foundations are best for foam mattresses because of the way they distribute the weight of the mattress. You can use a slat foundation with a memory foam mattress, as long as the slats are no more than eight inches apart.

Adjustable bases can be used for most types of mattresses and come with a host of health benefits. You can get an adjustable base that elevates just your head, one that elevates both your head and feet and has massage capabilities, and a range of options in between. Even if you have an existing foundation for your mattress, you can add on an adjustable base at any time.



Lauren Smalley