Treating Sinus Issues

Snoring is no mystery. If you snore, you know about it. You’ve either woken yourself up sawing logs, or a loved one has broken the news to you, either in jest or in manic, sleepless rage. But snoring is just one of many disruptors that can keep you up at night, and can often point to bigger issues, often less noisy, but concerning all the same. You can help treat these issues, thankfully, and it all starts with the right mattress and pillow. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to sleep, but one size does properly fit you. Find your fit with our exclusive in-store Sleep Assessment at a Mattress Warehouse near you!

Despite being linked to snoring and sleep apnea, sinus issues bring their own problems to the bedroom. Both allergies and infections can cause swelling in your nose, producing mucus and pressure, making it even more difficult to breathe and sleep. You’ll turn to your mouth instead for comfort, and likely be treated with an unwelcome snore instead. Learn how to help relieve these issues below:

-Remove allergens from your bedroom. You can use an air filter and protectors for your mattress and pillow, wash your sheets, and keep your pets off your bed.

-Go natural when you can. When you can’t, nasal spray and antihistamines can be very effective in treating your allergy symptoms.

-Humidifiers help keep your air moist and soothe the insides of your throat and nose.

-Decrease blood flow to the nose and help unclog nasal passages by lifting your head on an adjustable base. They help open your windpipe and ease air flow. Ergonomic positioning allows you to sleep comfortably, relieving stress from your pressure points and encouraging restorative sleep.


Hopefully these tips have pointed you in the direction of better sleep and less disruptions. If you can’t seem to shake them no matter what you try, it’s time to consider a professional opinion from the appropriate doctor. Either way, a better mattress is the first step. Visit one of our local showrooms today!

Read on for more information on dealing with sleep apneasnoring, and poor circulation, as well addressing neck, hip, back, and shoulder pain!


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