Parkersburg youth race to better sleep

Get ready to compete on ultimate comfort, Parkersburg youth! Mattress Warehouse is a proud lifetime sponsor of the Parkersburg Youth Advisory Committee, whose annual celebration kicks off this Friday, September 15. The Parkersburg Youth Advisory is a collaborative 10-member committee established by the city to improve the area for families and youth. A yearly family-friendly event, Youth Fest 2017 will be held in downtown Parkersburg on the corner of 2nd and Market Street and feature such activities as Giant Crab Soccer, Twister, Glow-in-the-Dark Capture the Flag, and the main Friday event: Police, Fire, and Youth Tug of War Challenge.

The fun lasts through Saturday, including a mattress race competition. For their part, Mattress Warehouse will be donating two twin mattresses for the children to race on. “We are committed to partnering with our communities to impact humanity, and Parkersburg is no exception,” said Kim Knopf, founder of parent company Innovative Mattress Solutions.

So get off to the races this weekend, Parkersburg! Come out and make some memories, with the help of Mattress Warehouse and the Parkersburg Youth Advisory Committee.

Adam Turner

Adam Turner

Adam Turner is the Marketing Copywriter at iMS, starting in late 2016. After graduating from Eastern Kentucky University in 2009 with a degree in Communications (specifically Broadcasting & Electronic Media and English), he worked in the book industry, running a small publishing and digital media company out of Lexington. As copywriter, Adam is tasked with preparing written content across multiple mediums, from social media to blogging to print and television advertising. He enjoys collecting vinyl records, running with his dog, and, you guessed it, writing.