How to Keep Your Bedroom Warm When It’s Cold Outside

Nothing says winter like curling up under a big blanket, but sometimes outside chills make it hard to enjoy the time we spend in our bedroom. Here’s a few tips on how to amp up the warmth and get the most out of the time you spend in bed.

Proper Insulation

As you might expect, one of the easiest ways to lose heat from your bedroom is for it to escape out your windows and doors, just as easily as cold air can get in. If you notice a draft coming in through a crack in your window or beneath your door you can add a rubber sealing that will help prevent drafts from occurring. Insulated curtains can help as well. Look for heavier fabrics to keep in the most warmth at night, and during the day keep your curtains open to let in natural sunlight. If your bedroom is tiled or has a wooden floor you can add a large rug to your room, particularly one with warm colors to keep your room at a higher temperature.

Improve Your Bedding

A surprise to no one, one of the places you’re going to spend the most time in your bedroom is in your bed. Keeping your bedding nice and toasty is an easy and efficient way to increase the overall warmth in your bedroom. When purchasing sheets look for thicker materials such as flannel to keep your own body heat from escaping out from between the sheets. Instead of just using one thick blanket or comforter to rest on top of you, stack layers of them to help insulate and trap the air. Additionally, if you find you’re getting to hot throughout the night you can easily remove a layer of covering, which is much easier than having to open a window or adjust the thermostat. For materials wool and down or feathers are the best to use, however if you’d prefer not to use animal products hollow fiber is a good choice as well.

In the end, no matter how cold it gets outside there are many precautions you can take to keep your bedroom comfy and warm to make it more bearable.



Preston Micalizio