Headed to College? Bring a New Mattress

First off, congratulations! You’ve graduated high school! Or for any proud parents reading, hang in there, whether you’re pushing your teenager out the door or holding on to them for dear life. Take a moment to appreciate this momentous occasion. You did it!

Now, let’s get straight to business: College students need a new mattress. Simple as that. And before you can even say “but,” let us anticipate and address a few common rebuttals.

“But won’t a bed be provided?” Yes, what could only be referred to as a mattress in the most liberal definition of the word is generally provided in most dorm rooms nationwide. It often also doubles as a floatation device in case of a campus flooding, if you catch our drift. They are spongey, plastic-coated and have supported countless other students prior to your inheritance. Don’t subject yourself or your children or your children’s children to such a fate.

“Ok. But what’s wrong with my current bed?” In most cases, a mattress lifespan is 7-10 years. And in most cases, a graduating high school senior has been enjoying the same bed since roughly their middle school growth spurt. Which is fine for at home comfort and familiarity! But in a new, potentially scary setting for incoming freshmen, students need to feel comfortable whenever possible. And if not in their own bedroom, where? College bed frames also traditionally support Twin XL mattresses, while childhood beds may be bigger. Plus, where will you sleep when you visit home without your old bed?

“Hmm. Fair. But why do I need to worry about sleep at college? Shouldn’t I be ‘studying?’” Coming from a summertime state of mind, it is easy to take what is very likely ample sleep for granted. That will soon change. College students are notoriously underslept, perhaps the most sleep-deprived group in society. And the effects are immediately apparent. Quality sleep is a pillar of a healthy life. We spend nearly a third of our lives doing it! It’s essential for maintaining our focus, our drive, our enthusiasm, and our ability to function healthily, from our memory to our diets. The best study buddy is a great night’s rest, and no, a strong cup of coffee is no substitute. Without sleep, our productivity, mood, and performance all suffer, as does our learning capacity. In college, you literally can’t afford for that to happen. Otherwise, you’ll be paying for extra semesters to retake classes you slept through. Remember: Zzz’s get degrees. Just make sure you’re getting them at the right time and place.

“You’ve raised many excellent points. But will a futon work instead?” No. Do not settle for a futon.


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Adam Turner

Adam Turner

Adam Turner is the Marketing Copywriter at iMS, starting in late 2016. After graduating from Eastern Kentucky University in 2009 with a degree in Communications (specifically Broadcasting & Electronic Media and English), he worked in the book industry, running a small publishing and digital media company out of Lexington. As copywriter, Adam is tasked with preparing written content across multiple mediums, from social media to blogging to print and television advertising. He enjoys collecting vinyl records, running with his dog, and, you guessed it, writing.