Best Time to Buy a Bed? The Straightforward Answer

The best time to buy a bed could be when you get a great deal.  It can also be linked to what’s going on with your current bedding situation.  Luckily, if you need a new mattress because your current one is wearing out quickly, there are some tips to make sure you don’t have to stress about your budget.

Here are a couple of best times to buy a bed that you can keep in mind for this important purchase!

Scoring the Perfect Deal: The Best Time to Buy a Bed in the Market

Similar to purchasing a car, there are certain points in the calendar year when you can be sure that you’ll get a great deal on a new bed.  If the timing works, you can usually take advantage of some great specials, such as free memory foam pillows and mattress protectors.

Two to remember are the clearance events, which typically take place just before the new year and in the middle of summer (early September).  Labor Day is perhaps the biggest sale of the year, and you can find many sales on other holidays like Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and the New Year.

While a mattress sale might be the biggest (Labor Day), there may be no best time to buy a bed according to the market or industry.  This is due to the nature of a mattress sale – they can differ widely.  You might get more out of this week’s mattresses on sale than you would if you waited for a “big holiday” mattress sale.

It’s all relative to what you need in a mattress.  Just like buying a mattress – the perfect mattress or mattress sale will depend on your needs!

The Real Answer: When It’s Right For You

Best Time to Buy a Bed? The Straightforward AnswerWhen is the best time to buy a bed?  The answer is clear: at the time when you need a new mattress!

Perhaps it’s been 8 or more years since you’ve purchased a mattress.  Yours could be sagging, not providing enough support, and/or contributing to your aches and pains.  Sometimes, a mattress that you purchased just a few years ago was never the right one to begin with – and for your health, mood, and (let’s be honest) your sanity, you’ll probably need to find the right one!

From back and neck pain to tiredness through the day, your body may be telling you that you need a new mattress.  It may even be a bit more obvious than that!

Taking that Next Step

Visit a nearby Mattress Warehouse mattress store to get a feel for whether you need a new mattress.  Spend 15 minutes on a mattress that you like – is it more supportive than your mattress?  Does it feel better on your back and joints?

If your mattress stands up to the competition, you can probably wait.  But if there is a huge difference, perhaps it is time to buy a new bed.  You could see a dramatic difference in how you feel each day!

And thanks to Mattress Warehouse’s 120 Day Price Promise and 120 Night Comfort Promise, you can be sure that you got the right mattress at the right price!


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